Our Philosophy

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Treating people like family

pp wreath-option3_228highWhat is it that makes any house a home? It’s when you belong to the family inside. And each one of our residences is home to a unique family, a circle that encompasses residents and staff – and their families too.

In the best families, members of all ages treat each other with respect. They encourage and listen to one another. The family home is where we rejoice, play and grieve together; where individuality is appreciated; where we learn and grow together. Safe harbor and unconditional love are found there.

People thrive when they feel like part of a cherished family, knowing they’re surrounded by those who only want what’s best for them. It’s also a comforting, supportive and healing environment for those who are facing loss or illness.

Our ability to bring this philosophy to life depends entirely on hiring the right people. That’s why every staff person is hand-picked for their capacity to provide the kind of care we’d want for our own loved ones. We are united by this purpose.

It’s about attitude, not aging Pine Cone and Needles

Aging is a process, not a problem. We start aging the moment we’re born. Along the way, circumstances change. Plans change. Bodies and minds change; yet we’re the same people inside. Like an evergreen, we are growing as long as we live… through all of life’s seasons.

The joys of life have nothing to do with age. We’re never too old to reach out to someone, discover something new, or enjoy the beauty around us. It’s not about what you have, it’s about what you do with it that matters.

This is the foundation for our signature LifeCycles Wellness Program. We recognize that loneliness, helplessness and boredom are afflictions that can be just as debilitating as heart disease or diabetes. By addressing all four elements of well-being – physical, social, intellectual and spiritual – our residents are enabled to focus on the things that really matter to them.

It’s liberating, really. Imagine making the most of every day that you have, rather than living as if there’s nothing left to do but wait for others to take care of the things you can no longer do for yourself.

Your legacy and your choices are important

pp KE9Every stage of life involves a significant struggle. Two year olds must develop a separate identity from their mother; some of us experience a crisis in mid-life when we question the path we’re on. So what happens in older adulthood?

First of all, we must deal with losses – of health, family members, friends – and other changes beyond our control. This can result in a fierce need to maintain as much control as possible.

Secondly, it’s a time of life review. As we sift through a lifetime of achievements, memories, and lessons learned, we come to some conclusions about what it has meant and how we want to be remembered. This is a process of discovering and crafting our legacy, a humbling task.

As long-time providers of senior care, we understand these two most important concerns.

Our responspainting228widee to the need for control is to offer as many choices as possible. We want to help you do what you want to do; go where you want to go; and live the way you want to live. You can choose your own path.

One example of this is our Bucket List program. In groups or solo, spirited residents have embarked on a wide variety of adventures. Some were amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like throwing out the first pitch at a major league baseball game – at age 92. Other accomplishments are smaller yet no less personal, such as a pilgrimage to the family homestead or dancing in a Native American ceremony. And some are just plain fun, like tasting sushi for the first time.

In addition, we’ll help you concentrate on your legacy through life review activities that include story telling, intergenerational programs, volunteer opportunities and special family events.

Meaningful pursuits and granting wishes make living in one of our residences anything but ordinary.