vintage camera-228wThe blessings of family are here

Each Kensington-Evergreen community is a family. When paths converge, everyone walks the same rSilverandGoldFriendshipBanquet2-228x228oad for a time. Residents, staff, and their families and friends are joined together through sharing and caring experiences. It is precious time.

No family can be duplicated or replaced. However, new relationships can generate both joy and comfort.

Those who gather in one of our residences are blessed with the gifts of family: cherished traditions, a feeling of belonging, and unconditional love.

Tell me a story

We’ve served hundreds of families since 1987, and there are many stories to tell. Here are a few from our family members…


“Thank you for the beautiful flowers in memory of our wonderful mother. The Kensington was a very special place to mom, as it was “home” for so many years. We’re glad you were all a part of her life. Blessings and thanks.”

The Family of Marjorie Udland

“I just want all of you to know how much I appreciate all the things you do for my dad to make his life at The Kensington so enjoyable and comfortable. It will be six years since he and Mother moved in, and it is “Home” to him now. Rest assured that all my brothers and sisters feel the same way I do and are grateful.”

Daughter, Beatrice, NE

“Our family’s gratefulness to you is impossible to express adequately. It seems like you always have the most empathetic response to your residents. I don’t know how you happened to gather the best and most gentle people for your staff, but you sure have a wonderful team together there.”

Daughter, Dickinson, ND