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Leadership at The Evergreen Inn

Jami Darnell

Jami Herbelin has served The Evergreen Inn since 1994, stepping into the role of Director in 2004. She has been been recognized by Agemark for many awards and achievements; in 2014, The Evergreen Inn was named Community of the Year. Jami was also the catalyst for creating a mentoring program for new directors at Agemark, and still serves as one of its charter mentors.

While The Evergreen Inn is like other assisted living communities in many ways, it also specializes in serving people of all ages with mental illness. Jami says, “I have a fierce passion for caring for those who have a mental illness. It gives me great fulfillment, knowing these individuals are often misunderstood and not valued by society.”


 Job opportunities

The Evergreen Inn employs about 35 people, full time and part time, who serve in many different capacities. Cooks or caregivers, housekeeping or program coordinators, each person in our family of employees has a vital role. Staff members are handpicked because they’re people who share our company values:

  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity