Assisted Living Services

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Staying at home is not always the best choice

People who need a little help with daily life have more options these days, including a spectrum of home-delivered services. In comparison, a senior living environment offers all those services plus three important advantages that are either very expensive or nearly impossible to duplicate at home:

  • Expert staff & security, on-site 24/7
  • Daily social interaction with peers – and people of all ages
  • A variety of activity opportunities

FindingGeneric_services.4 the right fit

More freedom, companionship and safety measures make a strong case for a senior living community. But then choosing the right residence can be an overwhelming experience. There are many choices and because pricing methods vary, it’s hard to compare costs. Most folks aren’t sure what to expect or even what questions to ask. We all just want the best for our loved ones.

That’s why our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly Senior Living Consultants stand ready to help explain the alternatives. From first contact they’re committed to finding the right solution for each person whether it’s in one of our communities or not. They have an arsenal of helpful resources and established relationships with area doctors, financial planners, realtors and other professionals. Above all, they’re really good listeners.

Like most senior living residences, ours offer basic services such as health care, personal assistance, meals, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services. But we offer many services that others do not:

  • Expanded transportation; it’s free and available 7 days a week
  • Special events & support services for families, such as welcome dinners & guest accommodations
  • A choice of all-inclusive rates or base rates with added care charges
  • Signature LifeCycles wellness program & activity curriculum

The LifeCycles difference LifeCycles

The traditional approach to activities for seniors is often very stereotypical. It can feel stale or even worse, patronizing. So we set out to create something completely different, something that felt more like real life. After all, LIFE is an activity.

The result is LifeCycles, a 52-week curriculum in which each week is an immersion into a different topic or theme that everyone can relate to. It’s not just a program for residents. All staff participate, and activities may also include the families of residents or staff, neighbors, residents’ friends, volunteers, family pets, schools and many other community groups. Our aim is to strengthen the human connections between people of all ages through the universal experiences, growth milestones and seasonal rhythms we all have in common.

This integrated, more natural approach to “activities” has many benefits:

  • More spontaneity & less boredom
  • More companionship & less loneliness
  • More meaningful engagement & less helplessness
  • Residents relate to activities built around what they want to do, not the other way around
  • The Bucket List program adds an element of excitement & adventure
  • Higher job satisfaction & retention of good staff
  • Better, more relaxed family relationships
  • Good conversations & opportunities for residents to share wisdom
  • Interaction with children and animals generates positive energy
  • Less dependency on medication
  • More fun & laughter
  • Maximized whole-person wellness
  • A real feeling of belonging

We believe those who are not well are still capable of well-being.

That means quality of life is the moral and practical goal for every person, no matter what their state of health. The question is always, What does this individual need to enjoy life to the fullest, right now?

The bottom line

Our services are designed to help people live safely and with dignity. Provided naturally and respectfully with attention to all the details of everyday life, they must also adapt to meet changing needs. But services are just the means to an end. That end is to promote well-being and give people the freedom to pursue the things that matter to them.

Most importantly, our services are delivered with pride by devoted, happy and well-trained staff members; people chosen for their empathy and integrity. We genuinely want to know who you are, what you care about and where you came from. Because the more we learn about you, the better we can serve you.

Each one of our residences is as distinctive as the people who live in them. Common amenities such as private suites, well-appointed living areas and comfortable guest rooms are offered in all of them, with unique features in each. Service options may vary, depending on the licensure in each state. Please visit the Locations page for more information about the services and amenities offered in a specific residence.