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Assisted Living in Dickinson, ND


Dickinson’s best living for seniors.

For 30-years and counting, no one in Dickinson has more fun than the folks at Evergreen. From coffee clubs to shopping trips, bingo nights, live scenic tours on the Evergreen bus and more, we live life to the fullest!

To understand Evergreen, you need to experience it! Upon entering our community, you feel the love and energy. Our truly passionate staff and happy residents each a part in creating our loving, home-like community. If you’re searching for Memory Care, specialized memory care is available close by at our sister community, CountryHouse Residence.

Whether you’re curling up to a good book in the fireplace lounge or learning something new in our resource center, you can live life to the fullest at Evergreen.

From hotel to home.

Dickinson has always been a place of opportunity and optimism. In the 1880s, it held the promise of new life for pioneer families. Today, it continues to foster positivity and new life—especially at Evergreen Assisted Living and Basic Care community.

Evergreen is conveniently located in a quiet residential neighborhood in this small, close-knit city. A shopping mall, medical services, several churches, banks and restaurants are nearby. And the beautiful badlands of western North Dakota are just a quick 40 miles west.

Evergreen 2143 Sixth Avenue West Dickinson, ND 58601 Phone: 701-483-6606 | Fax: 701-483-6721

Make life worth living.

It’s a mantra we follow every day. At Evergreen, you’ll have ample opportunities to participate in fun, meaningful programs and activities. 

Signature programs.

Living at Evergreen, you’ll enjoy our bucket list program, List for Living, and our Seasons Curriculum – 52 weeks of special activities built around themes, ideas and events that inspire joy and ignite the soul. In addition, our LifeCycles whole-person wellness program will help maximize your physical, social, intellectual and spiritual health. Kensington-Evergreen communities offer a truly one-of-a-kind approach.